Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For Cardiologists

For cardiologists,
We established this medical site for you,
You are welcome.
In The Name Of Allah, We start.

Explore our blog:Broken heart?

Along the past decade, emerging data cumulated to for a new broken heart syndrome. It is called TAKUTSUBO SYNDROME after a Japanese name. I took this note on my lecture upon the ISCU meeting in Egypt, 2006 as a differential diagnosis of a young 19 yrs. old woman with possible acute MI after a stressful scenario.

Tales of doctors of hearts?:

It is a non-profit group of cardiologists, concerned with the updates of CV sciences. Use lovely blog, cartoon, multimedia, case reports. To improve the scientific level of cardiologists and medical students. We would write our daily articles, posts, or diary notes. That may touch our feelings, impressions, & philosophy. Our hope is that the visitor will find the contents of our blog informative, and enjoyable. The information in this blog is purely educational and should not substitute for advice from personal physician.

Group members:

Sonnet, Honeywell, OH & Moony.
Sonnet is my name. It is QASIDA in Arabic قصيدة
I like poetry, reading, and now writing.
Tags: health, medicine, patients, doctor, heart, cardiovascular, blog, diary, case

Theme of the blog: You may find some stories, which are imaginary but carrying great benefit. On case reports, we will not mention names, places, or any private data to provide full security for any patient.

Media: We would use caricature and multimedia to present our posts.

Polls: Every now and then, we will put a new poll for voting.


Q:What is your tips in life?

A: Remember:
1- The art of medicine is clinical forever. The art I said.
2- The health is economics forever.
3- The learning of medicine is your endless challenge until death. So either to give up now from the start or not to give up at all.
4- Consider your patient as number two in your family &/ or community. You are not number one.

Q: Mission, vision, aim, goal, hope,…..endless list of: Why you make* this blog?

(Make*: like making a cake, which is so difficult).
A: I think one paper slash from my diary will conclude this list.

Q: Are you speaking on behalf of all cardiologists?

A: We are just a non- representative sample of some.

Q: Can we participate?

Welcome for anyone who is talented to enrich this blog though his posts, articles, cases, links, idea,…..

Q: How can we communicate and follow up daily posts?

A: through:
· Chat box at the end of the site.
· comments on a particular posts.
· follow us on follower list.
· blogroll list put our blog in your own blog list.
· RSS Feeds
· Google reader
· Medical web reader
· Bloglines
· Top 100 medical blogs
· Blogcatalog
See this video on: how to use Google reader?

I hope you are interested in our posts, articles, and cartoons. Our posts may encourage you to think and interact either with or against our opinions. Your comments, participations are welcome. We welcome your comments and fruitful criticism. Every now and then, we will reply for your comments.

Thanks for take time to explore us.

I power

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