Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Generic vs. Brand...New Title for Old Story

I quatoed two paragraphs. Then, put my comment at the end. today:
Physicians need to understand that using generics can have a real
impact on patient's survival and quality of life. "Lower-cost generic drugs, which are available for nearly every therapeutic drug class, can be a part of a medication regimen that leads to better patient adherence to important cardiovascular drugs. If patients aren't taking their drugs because they are expensive, and the economy is in difficult times, and they don't have full drug insurance, and they're doing that because they think they need a brand-name drug, that is a suboptimal outcome," Kesselheim stressed to heartwire. "To improve the clinical care of patients, we think that generic drugs should be a part of a physician's prescribing patterns. This study should give some reassurance to physicians that in the cardiovascular arena. There's no evidence that brand-name drugs are superior."
"No evidence of superiority" JAMA
Analysts examined some 50 studies published over the past quarter-century that compared clinical outcomes in nine subclasses of cardiovascular drugs (most studies dealt with beta-blockers, calcium hannel blockers, diuretics, and warfarin). The clinical outcomes reported in the studies — such as adverse effects, lab values, and vital signs — revealed no difference between generic and proprietary versions. The findings suggest, say the authors, "that it is reasonable for physicians and patients to rely on FDA bioequivalence rating as a proxy for clinical equivalence among a number of important cardiovascular drugs."

I think this debate will not end. Why? AS, it is not only a medical issue...!
Oh Mr Smart...
I remeber while there was a debate regarding R/Warfarin & R/Coumadin. They said alot. We attended a lecture offered by the pharmacetical company concerned with the general point (Generic vs. Brand). Then, a specific mini-lecture concerned with the new Warfarin (R/Coumadin).
During my MSc. examinations, there was a written question concerned with new warfarins and generic warfarins.
Even, in any developing country, no patient could afford for that R/Coumadin. I remember the cost was more than 10 (TEN ) times!.
I answered the quetion well, but with my broken heart.....

What do you think?
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