Saturday, March 14, 2009

A noble relation

This article s dedicated to all doctors helped me to regain my scientific self confiedence, thank you...

This relation between the juniors and professors is noble. I call some of my professors Pioneers and leaders as they have a guidance rule. They enlighten and pave the road for me during study and decision-making.

Should it be a take and give world, everyone should do his rule. Junior should do effort while learning, asking, studying, observing,…Pioneers should teach, answer, educate, and give the practical experience. But what is the benefit the professors are getting by giving their experience and data?

The normal human behavior is not built on to take only. There is a good sense of giving. The professors act as father bonding affect and brother help while giving. Also, their science and experience is transmitted from generation to the other and will not be lost especially they have a modern or unique science. Being a matter of respect from others is nice great feeling. By the way every junior will be a leader of others later on.

Nevertheless, it is more than simply a take and give relationship. It is a noble relation even in literature. Some oriental Arabic cultural phrases and proverbs give respect to teachers and scientists:

“We just pray to God by looking to the teacher”.
“Teachers and scientists
hold the heritage of prophets and messenger”. By transmitting their holy message
and science to generations consequently.
“I will be a slave for those taught
me even a letter”.

One issue is missing in our generation. It is so difficult to find a professor who able to give you his experience honestly. If they do not know their rule or they know and ignore, it is a real problem. Being a professor is a great responsibility. It is not an academic grade or job position only. Does it need to announce every professor that juniors are looking for you as a reference, symbol or a figure?

Usually, I get whole benefit from each staff provided he is talented in a subject. Even If we are different in some thoughts, and directions. I got scientific, practical and cultural benefits as much as I can. Everyone is resource of learning whatever his experience. However, if he is not talented or honest, the only thing that I can learn is not to deal with or not be dishonest as him in the future. Do we have to learn everything from everyone?

This is just a start of a post. Kindly give us your experience regarding this relation.

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