Saturday, March 14, 2009

Self criticism

Dear visitors; On October 2008, we had started this blog. Now (after ~6 months), we need to take time to evaluate our activities. Before, we had a cultural non-medical blog.

Then, we enjoyed creating our own medical blog for all visitors (medical and nonmedical).

Thanks God.... more than 1180 visitors in less than 6 months.

We are flexible. So, the theme of this blog is now subjected for a change. I think next month you will find a new look. We also will concentrate on our goals more.

Our Last activities:
1-The message obtained from a response of visitors to the change in last guidelines of prophylaxis against IE.
2- Start a series of pioneers in our life.

Coming activities:

We would divide the blog according to tags or categories. Main classic scientific categories at side bar would include:
· Challenger series: (ECG, Echo, Radiology)( Image of the month)
· Challenger series (Case reports of the month).
· Heart and other systems(GIT, CT, Hematology)(System of the month)
· Heart pharmaceuticals (Drug of the month)
· This great pioneer in our heart (Character of the month)
· E-health
· Ongoing Conferences, workshops, events, latest and interesting cardiovascular news,.…

I hope you are interested in our posts, articles, and cartoons. Our posts may encourage you to think and interact either with or against our opinions. So, we welcome your comments and fruitful criticism. Every now and then, we will reply for your comments.

The blog is closed for the time being.
1- For updates in design.
2- For self criticism.
3- Furthermore, I will present a scientific lecture in Egypt next month.

here is one slide from it.....

Much obliged

Broken heart team. Copyright 2008-. Tales of Doctors of hearts. All Rights Reserved.

I power

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