Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paulo Coelho 1

Dear Mr. Paulo Coelho

I read before about some speculations regarding the relation between some sins (bad behaviors and bad words and alcohol drinking, homosexuality) and high centers in the brain. Even other articles share it even to chromosomes and Genes. It was not cause effect relationship at all. It was not evidence based medicine. It was only speculation.

Then I discussed this issue with my friend. She told me: God never put the liability and tendency in the genes and brains of some persons to do sins. Then during life some do acts, others do not. The acts are differentiated to good and bad. People go to hell or paradise out of their control in the day of Judgment. That is unfair. God is fair.

At this time, we could define what is sin. Also, we realized that sin is not born in us or come with our soul. Even, we are born naturally native manner to be good.

I was about to write this note on your previous forum of homosexuality while preparing some new series on culture. Then, I searched on forum pages by (CTRL + F) to find the words Muslim, Islam, religion. I did this because I thought from the start that many persons will recognize action upon their religion. Either right or wrong.

Then you and your visitors gave us other fruitful discussion on Forum of religion. This was good to realize how different persons think.
......Thanks Paulo Coelho

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