Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paulo Coelho 2

Continuing from before:
The conscience and the religion.

What came first? First God sent the religion or the religion men (The Priest, The Rabbi, or The Imam)?
No ...neither nor. First God sent YOU. Yes,.. You are the normal human being. God sent the natural native man. Actually, God created the normal balanced behavior in our soul and spirits. Then, through our soul and evil we tried to change to worse. The manners dropped gradually and People changed. So religions came one after the other. Every prophets came just to intensify the natural normal manners born in our souls. Till the last prophet Mohammed who came mainly to conclude the good manners.
Provided, you understand the meaning of the rules of religions with no strict or loose deal. Provided the religion men are honest. You will be in a central point. The three (conscience, religion , and religion men) should meet. So, normally if you did something that is thought wrong. It should be against your natural spiritual beliefs, against your religion and against speech of religion men. No contradiction between the three.
I never experience any internal feeling of conflict between my spiritual beliefs, religion, and Imam.

I think the three true religions – with no deviation- are normal extension to each other. So, God sent the three religions along different times. God also sent many prophets in different places. I believe that we should not have conflict against each other at all.
Religion is just a guide from God. Some religion men might changed it according to their mind and some benefits allover the centuries in many places. The fallacies inserted into religions and manipulated by some religion men are man- made. So, the true religion is not man-made.
Thank Mr. Paulo Coelho
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