Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why God will never refuse the dua of a fasting person?

I read this post in other blog:
NB: I searched before publishing. I found it is mentioned in one froum with no documentation. It is not Hadith at all. We should learn that we are so close to God while doing doaa at Magrib.
Once Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) asked Almighty Allah (SWT): O Allah! You have granted me the honor and privilege of talking to you directly, Have you given this privilege to any other person? Almighty Allah (SWT) replied, O Musa ,during the last period I am going to send an Ummah , who will be the Ummah of Muhammad (SAW) with dry lips, parched tongues, emaciated body with eyes sunken deep into their sockets, with livers dry and stomachs suffering the pangs of hunger - will call out to me (in dua) they will be much much closer to me than you O Musa ! While you speak to me there are 70000 veils between you and me but at the time of iftaar there will not be a single veil between me and the fasting Ummati of Muhammad (SAW). O Musa I have taken upon myself the responsibility that at the time of iftaar I will never refuse the dua of a fasting person!


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