Monday, October 26, 2009

Biomedical Image Awards Becomes The annual Wellcome Image awards

I had seen a site of a prize on medical images. It was marvelous. Since then I like the medical imaging. Even, I was so interested in any category of challenging medical images or rare medical images. I visited the site few times from history of Internet explorer. Then, I lost the link which I did not put immediately in my favorites. Later on, I tried to find in vain as I forget . Finally, by chance on Wellcome Library Web site. I found. It took me many years to find again this prize site. They said the name changed from
Biomedical Image Awards to be The annual Wellcome Image awards.

The annual Wellcome Image awards (previously known as Biomedical Images Awards) reward contributors for their outstanding work and winners are chosen by a panel of experts. The resulting public exhibitions are always extremely popular and receive widespread aclaim.

I learnt:

*Add the link to favorites and remember the full name!
*Enjoy medical images.

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