Thursday, September 3, 2009

My last day as a doctor!

I read many posts regarding our first day as doctors. OK...

I will speak about (May last day as a doctor). I am not thinking nowadays to say it. But it always changes.

Some doctors decided to stop practicing medicine. They decided not to be a doctor any more. Did you say this before, then hesitated and blenched?

I know some stopped the clinical medicine and being (academic/ public health/health informatics/ ...). Some decided to shift completely to their hobby. As novelists or artists. They usually chose medicine wrongly. Or it was not their best choice. They are free to correct the pathway for the better.
Others did both (medicine and other career)well.

But I remember my professor when he said he could not continue at one time. He prepared himself to stop working in health by any means. It was one great step in his life. but he passed the obstacle. And continued in health, hepatology, medical education.

Did you say: I will not practice medicine anymore, I could not continue?
Tell us about your experience.

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