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Angelina Jolie and a dead rat!

We are not anticipating a film explicitly about a dead rat (i.e. violated raped woman) fall in love of the monster Grbavica (i.e. Serb soldiers). But, we know we will see romantic emotions of sedating viewers to forget what happened. We might forget that there are still free monsters and many oppressed women.  


Film Summary:

((It is a ( lovely, happy, beautiful singing and dancing) love story between Bosnian woman and a Serbian solider met at club on the night of the war! After woman is raped during war, the relation is ongoing with him! Lastly, the Serbian solider kills the woman!  ))

Last News:

The Bosnian team work of the film (producer, actress,…)is welcoming the actress and cannot wait till see her in Bosnia saying Bosnia loves Jolie. They said Jolie is busy in shooting in Belgium that she could not come to explain to the Bosnian women the film story. Even they defend the film story more than she does! They welcome the end of the film and soothe emotions and prepare the public before film shooting in November. They said Jolie is the writer and the script can be changed at any time of shooting after they got the acceptance on the script from Bosnian authorities.

(Angelina Jolie's Bosnian partners aim to soothe emotions before cameras roll)

 "A dead rat is worth more than the body of a woman."

Margot Wallstrom, the U.N. secretary-general's special representative on sexual violence in conflict, said recently that one distraught Congolese woman had told her that "a dead rat is worth more than the body of a woman." "It was an expression of how human rights violations against women are still the lowest on a fool's hierarchy of war time horrors," she said.
The actress Angelina Jolie - in her first directing experience - did not succeed in demonstrating the feasibility of the idea of the new film. So, she asked critics not to judge her new film before watching it. The initial name was leaked as "Untitled Bosnian War Love Story"  and its story is very romantic. After she failed to justify them, returned to deny the story. Then, she denied it to be a historic or documentary film, and confirmed that it had nothing to do with politics. Why the director and actress chose to distort the History and play in the politics by making of Bosnian Muslim veiled woman falls in love with a Serb soldier who raped her in a rape camp? Then film director and stuff denied this and telling they are not odd to present a crazy woman. They advise us -as we do not understand in the cinema, she said - that the drama is different from historical documentation! Then Ms. Jolie asked to interview the Association of Bosnian women to clarify the purpose of claiming reassured of the film. She did not provide the full scenario to the minister of culture in Bosnia who met victim women of Bosnia. They refused to approve shooting of the film in Bosnia until they receive full script. They rejected the film, which does not respect their feelings.  All these events made sure that there is something wrong in this film. Then, she presented the full script to receive license of shooting and save her film.

In my article, I am not against the actress and her freedom, but I try to understand what is happening from what I read and what I know about war Bosnia. For this, I invite you to join me; reading and expressing your opinions.

The true Story and events:
I shall assume controversy they offer a film tells the story of a young woman from Bosnia on the morning of the war. So why are not provided by events like what happened, according to the reports of the United Nations and human rights agencies?
For example, the mother of a raped or lost daughter! Why not to present the story of a fourteen-year-old girl and her Mother?  The girl was humiliated and raped many times until she became almost crazy and committed a suicide by hanging herself with a scarf on a tree. While her cousin and 12-year old was taken for the same rape in the camp. She thought she will be killed and screamed (do not take me. I am just 12). She was holding her doll and does not know what is waiting for her at all! The Serbian soldier raped this and many virgin girls proudly while celebrating with his mates who helped him and enjoyed the scene.
I think this is more difficult than a fabricated strange love story.  Our logic question for the film stuff: Do you think that one of these girls will fall in love with any Serbian soldier one day?

Bosnian war in media:
Bosnian film industry made the true story and its consequences in film directed by Jasmila žbanic called Grbavica. She won the Golden Bear award in 2006. It tells a story of a raped mother during the war in Bosnia by a Serbian solider. The daughter thinks that her late father was a Bosnian hero of this war. The film goes in the history of her country and the emotions between mother and daughter. The director, after receiving the award, said: she feels sad because there are hundreds of men who have committed organized crimes of rape, during the war, had not been punished yet.
I gift of a short play entitled Beloved Sarajevo written at time of war.  Also, I recommend you to watch the  Bosnian short film directed by Ahmed Imamovic (Ten minutes) which won the award for best short film in Europe in 2002.

Let's go back to the film of a dead rat:

How and where is this woman who falls in love of a man who raped her? Why and how the Bosnian Muslim representative and actress agreed? Angela Jolie has chosen to be a dead mouse in this film. We congratulate her for this fail.
Many are trying to doubt the massacre and numbers. Even, there are many attempts to modify and rewrite the history in books, journals, blogs, and cinema. We are trying to correct the image. What should we do? We are concerned as it is one world, and we are one nation.  

Quotes from here and there

Two took her legs and raised them up in the air, while the third began raping her. People were silent, no one moved. She was screaming and yelling and begging them to stop. They put her a rag into her mouth, and then we were just hearing silent sobs coming from her closed lips. When they finished, the woman was left there

The story tells how SERBS have killed civils, old people and children! 10 MINUTA filmby Ahmed Imamovic.
Note the final scenes in the film may disturb you.

10 minutes (by Ahmed Imamovic) [Kısa Film]
Uploaded by Nichle. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.


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