Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ken O'Keefe and humanitarian reporting from Gaza

TJP Liberty Report from Gaza 'Story of Areej' - Ken O'Keefe Dec. 11, 2010

TJP Liberty Report from Gaza 'Life in Jabalya' - Ken O'Keefe Dec. 14, 2010

In ten minutes, Ken O'Keefe could raise the issue of (what is the current life in Gaza, 2 years after Israel's Cast Lead Operation?). First video shows the case of child Areej seeking medical and physiological care. Second one shows a home and life of quintessentially Palestinian family almost under the open sky in this winter. His closing statement is tender: I see my son, my future children living like this …

Best comment:

(The whole world should hang its head in shame for allowing this to happen day in, day out for year after year, in country after country.)

My comment:

Should we go away from politics, war, hate; we might find a fair world. Life between animals in forest is fairer than ours. It is not only Gaza or Palestine. We have nothing to do with politics but with justice and peace. Imagine that you are staying with them for 1 week with no (proper water supply, sanitation, technology, shield from the rain, privacy,..). I think they are imprisoned in Gaza by a big siege.

What is your comment? How can we change?

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