Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tears of Gaza


 A girl fleeing the devastation
A wounded Palestinian boy

Filmmakers Vibeke Løkkeberg and Terje Kristiansen

   Tears of Gaza: Post details  in Arabic

It’s important that these things get shown because the media tries to make us into puppets who will believe all the accepted propaganda about events. We have the experience of WikiLeaks and the atrocities in Iraq.
We spoke to Lokkeberg and producer Terje Kristiansen, her husband. The documentary ought to be shown widely; it reveals the “openly criminal character” of the imperialist powers, as their conduct increasingly recalls “the fascist atrocities of Guernica and the Warsaw Ghetto.”
TK: That’s why casualty figures don’t give the true emotional sense of the crime. The main purpose of the film is to document the emotional impact of being the victim of a war. Images can change history. And as difficult as this film is to watch, it is a mild version of what we have in our archive.
For example, they use bombs around the children that look like toys.

Tears of Gaza
Gazas tårer -Vibeke Løkkeberg

Tears of Gaza -- Film Review
By Kirk Honeycutt, AP -9 October 2010
Hollywood reporter

Toronto International Film Festival 2010—Part 1
By David Walsh - 23 September 2010
World Socialist Web Site

Toronto International Film Festival 2010—Part 2
Tears of Gaza director: “How could one not want to show the world what is happening?”
By Joanne Laurier-28 September 2010
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TEARS OF GAZA – Controversial Film has World Premiere at TIFF
By clutchpr - 9 September 2010

"Tears of Gaza" a moving look at Palestinian plight
By Kirk Honeycutt - Tue 14 September 2010
Film Cast:
Executive Producer: Terje Kristiansen
Cinematographer: Yosuf Abu Shreah, Saed Al Sabaa, Marie Kristiansen
Editor: Svein Olav Sandem, Terje Kristiansen
Sound: Christian Schaanning
Music: Lisa Gerrard, Marcello De Francisci
Production Company: Nero AS
Vibekke Løkkeberg has, with the aid of Mads Gilbert.

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