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اسمي د/ ماجد..و انا طبيب سوري آخر ممن قتلوا أثناء أداء مهام عملهم

'My Name is Dr. Majed and I Am Another Syrian Doctor Killed During Duty'

'My Name is Dr. Majed and I Am Another Syrian Doctor Killed During Duty'

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My name is Dr. Mohamad Majed Bari
My friends and patients called me Dr. Majed
I was a doctor not a terrorist
I saved lives while terrorists take lives away
I was killed when my car was targeted with a heat-seeking missile by a Syrian fighter jet
I bled to death
No emergency crew was able to reach me on time
The International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN are not allowed by the government in my hometown behind rebel lines
They stay away safe in the capital
They have to abide by the system's bureaucracy
The system does not protect me or my patients
There were no news reports of my death.
The reporters are all in Kobani
I was riding in an ambulance in Aleppo trying to save another life
Another three civilians were killed with me
They joined another 200,000 Syrians killed in my homeland
I was working with a humanitarian organization called Saving Lives!
I was killed while saving lives
"How Ironic," you may say but Syria is the land of ironies these days
Many of my colleagues left Aleppo because they were afraid about losing their lives.
Some of my friends were detained, tortured and killed just because they insisted on working as doctors
They swore to save lives
They were treated like criminals or even worse
We were told that the whole world respects our neutrality
We were told the Geneva convention guarantees our impartiality
We were told that being a doctor is like being an angel
You give from yourself to heal your patient
The regime did not respect any of that
The world did not rush to help us
We suffered in silence like my homeland
Some of my friends died drowning trying to flee on boat to a new land of hope
They were swallowed by unsympathetic waves of the Mediterranean sea
I stayed because it is my duty to save lives
I stayed because if I left who else will stay?
Who else will offer a hand of healing to a sobbing child pulled out of the rubble of her home destroyed by a barrel bomb?
Who else will vaccinate the children in my neighborhood so they don't have polio or measles?
Everyone left us to face our fate
We have no one but God
He is watching those who deserted us 
I guess He is testing them and testing us
I don't expect anyone to react to my death
I don't expect anyone to stop the killing in my hometown
I lost my faith in humanity
But I lived a fulfilling life and I don't regret a minute I had serving my patients
I will join another 560 Syrian doctors who were killed by the war criminals
My patients will miss me and so will my wife and two young children
I will miss what is left of my city and homeland
I will miss the courage of my colleagues who are still working
Saving lives as usual
I will miss their faith, their warmth and their humor
And I will miss the sounds of the barrel bombs
It is too silent here
It is too cold
It is too dark
It is too "un-Syrian"
Pray for me and for my homeland
Dr Majed Bari with his Newborn Child
My name: Dr. Majed Bari
Medical School: Aleppo University Medical School
Graduation: With honors
Date of my death:10/15/2014
Place of Death: Aleppo City, Castello road
Cause of Death: Heat-Seeking Missile
Reason of Death: Saving Lives
Zaher Sahloul is a Syrian-American critical care specialist who is the president of The Syrian American Medical Society, SAMS.

Russian Warplanes Strike Medical Facilities in #Syria

Russian Warplanes Strike Medical Facilities in Syria

Physicians for Human Rights Says Russia’s Air Strikes Have Hit Three Facilities in Two Days 

New York, NY - 10/07/2015
Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has confirmed that Russian air strikes damaged three medical facilities in Syria in two days, exacerbating an already dire situation for civilians living in areas where the health system has been systematically attacked by the Syrian government.
“Bashar al-Assad’s forces have been relentlessly attacking Syria’s health care system for the past four years and the Russian government is now following in their footsteps,” said Widney Brown, PHR’s director of programs. “These attacks are inexcusable. Claiming that the fight is against terrorists does not give any government the right to tear up the laws of war, which specifically protect health workers and facilities. With these actions, Russia is damaging hospitals, putting patients and medical staff at risk, and depriving civilians of life-saving access to health care.”
The Russian Ministry of Defense maintains that its air strikes are conducted with precise, guided munitions, which suggests that these three attacks were targeted at the medical facilities. Russia further maintains that it is targeting the self-declared Islamic State (IS), also called ISIS or ISIL. However, the three medical facilities are all located more than 30 miles from the nearest IS-controlled territory. Regardless of location or who the medical staff treat, targeting a medical facility is a war crime.
PHR has documented 307 attacks on medical facilities and the deaths of 670 medical personnel in Syria since the start of the conflict in March 2011 through the end of August 2015. Syrian government forces have been responsible for more than 90 percent of these attacks, each of which constitutes a war crime. PHR recently also called for a full and independent investigation of an attack on a Doctors without Borders clinic in Kunduz, Afghanistan.
PHR has confirmed the following incidents by Russian air strikes in Syria over the last week:
  • On October 2, a Russian warplane launched an air strike on the field hospital in Latamneh, in northern Hama governorate. The facility was damaged, and multiple medical staff members were injured. The Syrian government has previously attacked this facility with barrel bombs in June.
  • Also on October 2, a Russian warplane launched an air strike on an ambulance depot and emergency response center in Benin, in rural Idlib. Part of the facility was destroyed, at least two ambulances were seriously damaged, and the depot was temporarily put out of service. Reports indicate that two planes flew over the facility and launched strikes that fell around the depot before circling back and launching another strike, which landed inside the depot. The Syrian government previously attacked this facility with barrel bombs in April.
  • On October 3, a Russian warplane launched an air strike that damaged al-Burnas Hospital in northern Latakia, near the Turkish border. The hospital suffered minor material damage, but had to be evacuated. The hospital is the only one in the region with an obstetrics/gynecology unit and is now only able to provide some emergency services.
Russia has not acknowledged that their air strikes hit or damaged the medical facilities, but confirmed it was conducting air strikes in each of these locations when the attacks occurred.

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