Friday, March 5, 2010

Strength and weakness in your health care system

Some snapshots from the article:


The Malaysian Healthcare system, is ever improving. Once upon a time, we had to refer many of our patients overseas for bypass graft surgery, valve replacements, angiograms, cranial surgery, spinal surgery and even second opinions for some medical conditions. Nowadays we can do all of the above here, and even more, including minimally invasive surgery ( of all types ), liver transplantation, cardiac transplantation, robotic surgery and many other sophisticated treatment modalities some of which even I may not be aware of. Yes, some still choose to go overseas for treatment, but that is their personal choice. They have the money, they have the means, it is their health, so it is their choice. But, the Malaysian Healthcare system, though not perfect, have come along way, since 1957.

1. The long waiting list.
2. Trained, competent doctors, nurses and paramedicals.
3. Overemphasis on curative care.
4. Lack of control of charges in private hospitals.
5. Lack of control of high tech medical equipment.


1. Equitable access to healthcare for all.
2. No interference to medical practice.
3. Patient can consult whoever they trust to make them well and buy medication from whoever they trust.
4. Cost effective use of healthcare funds.


As with all public programs, there are always differing points of view, shortcomings and strengths. By discussion and brain-storming, we hope to develop a better system. Most of the shortcomings as outline can be easily corrected with some administrative adjustments and also some increase in healthcare budget. I suspect that with a complete transformation of the present system, the cost incurred would be so much more. With the next article, we shall review healthcare by health insurance companies.


 I hope everyone share and tells about his health care system in his country.Can we apply and explore same points of strength (if any) and weakness in Our health care system? Please enumerate points.We are speaking in a scientific manner. we have nothing to do regarding politics. 

Finally, ,..Feel free to share and distribute.
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