Monday, July 11, 2011

What have you learned from #Srebrenica #Genocide?

Coffins of the 613 massacre victims were laid in rows on Sunday before the formal burial ceremony [AFP] , وصول رفات 613 من ضحايا مذبحة سربرنيتشا بعد 16 عام ليدفنوا اليوم
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The lesson I have learned form Srebrenica Genocide during my follow up over years:
  • Justice will prevail even after a while.
  • If you seek  your right, you will not lose it.
  • Documenting the massacre is an approach to restore the rights.
  • The right can be opposed, even if it is well seen.
  • Do not trust blindly the United Nations or the Blue hats.
  • The perseverance in a scientific and practical approach of Trial is the way to achieve justice.
  • Be strong even if you are oppressed.
  • Revenge is a weakness.
  • After retrieving the right, you can pardon, it is a virtue.
  • The pardon before getting the right is a weakness and subservience ....

Now, your turn,...What have you learned  from #Srebrenica #Genocide? or Bosnia Genocide as a general? feel free to comment.

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