Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brave Doctors in Tripoli, Libya

UPDATE:  Medical drugs and surgical supplies needed urgent in Tripoli:
- Augmentin 1g
- Augmentin 625 mg cap
- Tramadol
- Thiopental sodium
- Flagyl infusion
- Mannitol
- Sodium bicarbonate solution
- Ringer's lactate
- Pethidine
- Tramal injection
- Tracheotomy set
- Vascular set
- Chest set
- Laparotomy set
- IV set
- Syringes
- Ciclex solution
- Rubbing alcohol
- Sterile gauze
- Gauze roller
- KY gel (gel for ultrasounds)
- Oxygen cylindrical
- Synthetic vascular patches - "Dacron"
- Gloves

Babalazyzia, Tripoli , Libya : A doctor helps a wounded rebel.
  Photograph: Marco Salustro/EPA
Evanchill ; AJE Correspondent said "I asked doctor in #Tripoli hospital to write list of badly needed medicine. James Bays just mentioned it on air, we'll put it on the website" 
More than 400 killed, 2,000 injured in Tripoli battle: Libya rebel leader said
Two men receive medical treatment after they were injured during fighting at Bab al Aziyah in Tripoli, on August 23, 2011. Rebel supporters have set up a field hospital in a vacant private house to treat wounded from the battle for Tripoli. (Reuters/Louafi Larbi)
DrSonnet Doctor and activist said: "The International Committee of the Red Cross is sending two surgical teams to #Tripoli #Libya . #Humanitarian #CNN"

Tripoli/Geneva (ICRC) – As Libya’s armed conflict continues, with fierce fighting in the capital's streets, the ICRC has started distributing medical and surgical kits to some of the city’s main hospitals....Read more about: Libya: ICRC delivers emergency supplies to Tripoli hospitals

Finally, Let's remember this essay:  "To be a doctor in Libya" written in 25th Feb 2011, few days after Moamar Gaddafi started crackdown of revolution. 

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